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[fire] [kun] The Tao Deck is an set of octagonal cards based on the I Ching oracle. Stephen Schachter created the deck to make the wisdom of the I Ching more personal and intuitive for modern use. There are two information cards, eight trigram cards and 24 oracle cards. The trigram cards represent different primal energies as shown by the background element on each card. There are three oracle cards for each element. These have various combinations of yin and yang lines (see left for fire). To do a reading, you draw certain cards that are grouped to form a hexagram. In his instructions, Schachter describes three reading methods: the quick trigram, two line and traditional. This set also comes with a pocket copy of the I Ching translated by Thomas Cleary and a velvet bag to hold the cards. The artist is Paul Guess.

Number of
Copyright Publisher Book Cover Card Back
35 3 1/8"
2001 TaoDeck, Inc. [book cover] [back design]

[bag] Also Included:
instruction book (170 pages), instruction sheet (8 pages),title card, velvet drawstring bag (see right)

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