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[Dream Trap] [Shaman] The 33 cards in this deck use the Native American way of life as symbols for universal meanings. The deck is divided into three series: the twelve totemic animals, seven gods and goddesses and twelve ritual objects. The Heavens card begins the pack and the Shaman card ends it. The Shaman is the mediator between heaven and earth, between man and the wisdom of Spirit. Each card shows the image with the name at the top and card number at the bottom. In the instruction booklet, Laura Tuan describes the overall symbolism and teachings of each card and gives a number of sample spreads for readings. She also provides specific meanings for each card for every position in two of the spreads - the Four Clans and Four Seasons. The artist if Massino Rotundo. This deck is produced by Lo Scarabeo in Italy, but is distributed in the US by Llewellyn.

Number of Cards Size Copyright Card Back Design
33 2 3/8" x 4 1/4" 2002 [back design]
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Language of Card Titles: English

Also Included: instruction booklet (48 pages)

Beginning Card -
First Series -
Polar Goose, Otter, Wolf, Falcon, Beaver, Deer, Woodpecker,
Sturgeon, Bear, Crow, Snake, Elk
Second Series -
Kokopelli-the Demiurge, Divine Rogue,
Taikomol-the God of Rain, Great Spirit, Maize Mother, Twin Gods,
Tirawa and the Cosmic Bison
Third Series -
Tepee, Arrow, Dream-Trap, Calumet, Necklace and Wampum,
Sacred Tree, Medicine Wheel, Feather, Tomahawk, Smoke, Totem, Drum
Ending Card -

Suit Names: no suits

Court Cards: no court cards


[Smoke] [Maize Mother] [Elk]


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