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[Changer] [4 of Two Headed Serpent] The I Am One Tarot images were painted by Maya Britan five to seven pieces at a time, in a "work environment as magical as the nature of the art, using very little light and sometimes only candles." Her deck is designed to bring wisdom from the subconscious to light. The 22 Universal Law cards correspond to the major arcana. The minor arcana cards are divided into four color-coded suits for different elements of consciousness: mental, spirtual, emotional and physical. The court cards are authority cards representing qualities dominating action and personality. At the top of each card is the name and number in three languages: English, French and Spanish. The majors also show the associated Hebrew letter. At the bottom, each card has a unique phrase beginning with "I Am..." and completed with a keyword meaning.

Number of Cards Size Copyright Card Back Design
22 major/56 minor
2 1/4" x 4 3/8" 2001 [back design]
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Language of Card Titles: English, French, Spanish

Also Included:
instruction booklet (68 pages, about 1/3 in each language), publisher card, affirmation card, Spiral Map spread layout sheet

Master Cards (Major Arcana):
Changer, Mother, Feeler, Actor, Speaker, Unity, Victorious One,
Donor, Seeker, Royal-Maze, Deliverer, Hanging-Man, Renewer, Reverser,
Thinker, Citadel, Way-Shower, Reacter, Doer, Knower, Virgin, Nameless-One

Suit Names: Two Headed Serpent (Wands), Curved Blade (Swords), Pear of Tears (Cups), and Stone of Age (Pentacles)

Court Cards: Knight (King), Queen, Prince (Knight), Princess (Page)

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