Egyptian Tarot (Fournier)

[La Torre] [El Anciano] The Egyptian Tarot by artist Esther Casla is based on ancient Egyptian life and culture. The scene on each card is shown on a tan background covering most of the card. At the bottom is a white band with the name of the card in English and Spanish. The card number is to the right and the associated astrological symbol(s) to the left. The first 22 cards correspond to the major arcana in the traditional tarot, with the Fool as card 22. The next 56 cards are numbered in order, but are not divided into suits. Each represents a keyword concept such as achievement, study, or advising (right). There is an instruction booklet, but it doesn't explain the card images or the astrological correspondences. This Egyptian Tarot is published by the card company Heraclio Fournier in Vitoria, Spain.

Number of
Copyright Publisher Card Back Design
78 2 3/8"
4 3/8"
? Fournier [back design]

Also Included: instruction booklet (about 27 pages each language - Spanish, English, French), description card, publisher card

Category: Tarot

Sample Card Images:

[Los Dos Caminos] [picture 9 of Swords] [Queen of Cups]


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