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[Sobek] [Udjet] The Egyptian Oracle is based on the symbols and myths of ancient Egypt. Maya Heath learned the outline of this divination system during a hypnotic regression. Through memory and research, she has worked to reconstruct it for modern use. The oracle includes 28 ceramic tiles. Each one has a hieroglyph at the top and assigned number on the lower left (the upside-down "U" = ten). In the lower right is a symbol for the tile's element group (fire, earth, air or water) and number within that group. The Sobek or Crocodile tile is number 18 and fourth in the water group (see left). A two-sided consultation board is used for readings. One side shows the twelve "houses" of this system, each ruled by a different god or goddess. The meaning of a tile is influenced by the house where it lands during a reading. The companion book The Egpytian Oracle by Heath explains how to use the tiles with the board and describes each tile and its meaning.

Number of Hieroglyphs Size - Tile Size - Board Copyright
28 3/4" x 1 1/2" 16 1/2" x 8 5/8" 1995
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[divination board]

Back of Tile: plain white

Language of Stones: hieroglyphs

Also Included:
instruction book (157 pages), tri-fold cardboard consultation board (see right, partial view one side)

Hieroglyph Names:
Cycle of Air:
Ankh, Thet, Nef, Septet, Tcham, Nefer, Shem,
Cycle of Fire:
Uadj, Akeru, Maau, Serqet, Udjet, Uraeus, Heti,
Cycle of Water:
Mu, Sma, Aat, Sobek, Seshen, Ab, Akhu,
Cycle of Earth:
Djet, Menyet, Sa, Khaut, Tchefa, Khepher, Maat

Corresponding Hieroglyph Shapes:
Cycle of Air:
Life Essence, Knot of Isis, Air, Sirius-the Dog Star, Scepter, Beauty, Knotted Cord,
Cycle of Fire:
Lotus Scepter, Double Lion, Lion, Scorpion, Eye of Horus, Winged Serpent, Winged Disk,
Cycle of Water:
Water, Balance Weight, Pyramid, Crocodile, Lotus, Heart, Beings of Light,
Cycle of Earth:
Pillar of Osiris, Counterpoise, Papyrus Shelter, Offering Table, Goose, Scarab, Feather of Truth

Suit Names: no suits

Court Cards: no court cards

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