Dante Tarot

[Dominions] [Direction] The Dante Tarot is based on the life and work of the Italian poet Dante Alighieri. Dante was born in Florence in 1265. His greatest work is the Divine Comedy, an allegory describing a soul's journey toward perfection. Deck designer Giordano Berti has taken the themes and events of Dante's world and adapted them to the tarot. The major arcana shows the traditional major cards reworked according to principles from Convivio, another work by Dante. The minor arcana suits show important situations and characters from Dante's life (Bricks) and the three parts of the Divine Comedy: Inferno (Flames), Purgatorio (Clouds) and Paradiso (Lights). Each card's name is given in six languages. The major cards show the number in the upper left corner, the minor cards show the suit symbol. The artist is Andrea Serio. The Dante Tarot is published by Lo Scarabeo of Italy and distributed by Llewellyn in the US.

Number of Cards Size Copyright Card Back Design
22 major/56 minor
2 5/8" x 4 3/4" 2001 [back design]
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Language of Card Titles: English, Italian, French, Spanish, German, Dutch

Style of Suit Cards (2-10): picture scenes

Also Included: instruction sheet (16 pages), title card, publisher card

Major Arcana:
Necessity, Intellect, Philosophy, Knowledge, Government, Hope, Love
Direction, Fortitude (card 11), Prudence, Fortune, Justice (card 8), Charity,
Death, Temperance, Authority, Virtue, Thrones, Angels, Dominations, Archangels, Principalities

Suit Names: Bricks (Wands), Lights (Cups), Flames (Swords), Clouds (Pentacles)

Court Cards: King, Queen, Knight, Knave (Page)


[10 of Flames] [2 of Clouds] [Knave of Bricks]


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