Dance of Life Cards: An Intimate Tarot

[Man of Intention] [6 of Self] The Dance of Life Cards are a celebration of the tempo and movement of life. Psychotherapist Audrey Savage designed these cards to help you discover and bring forth your own unique understanding of self - your dance. This deck has the traditional tarot structure, but most names have been changed. Each card has an symbolic image and keyword name. The card number is shown at the bottom inside a small figure made up of masculine (triangle) and feminine energies (arms). The suits are the self (wands), relationships (cups), health (swords) and material world (pentacles). Each suit has a unique circular symbol to identify the cards in that suit. The symbol for the self suit is a single eye. The court cards are the muse, dancer, lover and sage. Artist Paula Scott Frantz conveys the symbolic meaning of each card in her colorful images. The 6 of Self shows self-criticism with a magnifying glass focusing on the one flaw in the diamond of self. This deck is available only as a set with Dance of Life Cards: An Intimate Tarot (308 pages). In this book Savage talks about her own spiritual tarot journey and offers spreads, card meanings and suggested exercises.

Number of Cards Size Copyright Book Cover Card Back
22 major/56 minor
3 5/8" x 5 1/8" 2000 --- [back design]
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Language of Card Titles: English

Also Included: instruction book (308 pages)

Major Arcana:
Free Child, Guide, Intuitive, Dancer of Life, Patriarch, Spiritual Teacher,
Lovers, Man of Intention, Animal Tamer, Wise Woman, Ring of Life, Mirror of Reflection,
Visionary Spirit, Death, Goddess Harmonia, Shadow, Destruction,
Star of Hope, Underworld, Radiance, Destiny, Integrity

Suit Names: Self (Wands), Relationships (Cups), Health (Swords), Material World (Pentacles)

Court Cards: Sage (King), Lover (Queen), Dancer (Knight), Muse (Page)

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