Book of African Divination

[Star] [6 of Wands] In the Book of African Divination, Raymond Buckland and Kathleen Binger offer an overview of African spirituality and divinatory practices. They describe the divining bowl and tablets of the Venda of Zimbabwe, the bones used by Zulu practitioners and the Yoruba shell system. The authors explain each system briefly and offer suggestions for adapting them to your own use. The set includes a 80-card deck based on the tikar spider oracle of the Kaka of Cameroon.. This deck is divided into two halves: the odd and even-numbered cards. Cards are paired off so that for each promising odd card, there is a corresponding cautionary even card. The images on each pair highlight the opposite meanings. (See cards 37 and 38 below.) The actual tikar spider system uses marked plum leaves moved by a real West African earth spider. These leaf markings are simulated inside a leaf shape at the top of each card. Two triangles indicate encouraging cards. Buckland is also the creator of the Romani Tarot. Binger is a specialist in African divination.

Number of Cards Size Copyright Back
80 2 1/2" x 3 1/2" 1992 [back design]
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Language of Card Titles: English

Also Included: instruction book (144 pages)

Odd-Numbered Cards:
Complete, Innocent Girl, Caring Mother, Wise Old Woman,
Helpful Boy, Mature Man, Wise Old Man, Authoritative, Person in Charge,
Good Gossip, Social Doings, Good News, Contentment,
Time of Plenty, Achievement, Fair Treatment, Women's Fun,
Men's Meetings, Good Marriage, Partnership, Fortunate Trip,
Overconcern, Good Parties, Practical, Pleasant Dreams,
Organization, Unusual Good Luck, Escape from Deceit, Escape from Deceitful Woman,
Carefulness, Good Meeting, Good Health, Good Choices,
Enjoying Life, Good Transformation, Loyalty, Protected,
Fairness, Good Future, Kept Secrets

Even-Numbered Cards:
Incomplete, Culpable Girl, Selfish Mother, Nosy Old Woman,
Rash Boy, Greedy Man, Nosy Old Man, Dominating, Despot in Charge,
Hurtful Gossip, Social Problems, Bad News, Discontentment,
Depressed Time, Neglect, Unfair Treatment, Women's Treachery,
Men's Quarrels, Disillusionment, Disagreements, Travel Problems,
Caution Needed, Thwarted Plans, Impractical, Nightmares,
Disorganization, Questionable Luck, Deceit Possible, Deceitful Woman Possible,
Carelessness, Meetings Unfavored, Guarding Health, Poor Choices,
Need to Plan, Uncontrolled Transformation, Disloyalty, Unprotected,
Unfairness, Changeable Future, Lost Secrets

Suit Names: no suits

Court Cards: no court cards


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